Enhancing Patient Care with a Dietary Diagnostic

As the role of nutrition continues to emerge in importance in the development and treatment of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, having the right tools to accurately assess patient dietary behavior is becoming more critical.

Traditional lab work (e.g., blood chemistry and urine analysis) points to potential disease conditions. NutraScreen adds dietary history and diagnostics to this patient profile. For example, with NutraScreen, when blood chemistry suggests hyperlipidemia, the NutraScreen Diagnostic Report provides indicators to inform the healthcare provider that a patient’s saturated fat intake exceeds recommended guidelines, and identifies the specific foods being consumed that are the predominant sources of the nutrient. This analysis highlights exactly which foods contribute most significantly to the area of concern, and suggests specific dietary behavior change that will produce the maximum, positive result.

100% of Study Participants Reported NutraScreen as “Easy to Use”

For the first time, patients have a fast, engaging and thought provoking way to communicate the dietary history information needed to develop personalized nutrition action plans. Patients don’t have to spend hours or days logging information and no time is wasted translating food consumption history to nutritional values. NutraScreen’s innovative assessment methodology uses food image libraries and proprietary logic to ensure that each patient only spends time responding to questions about foods they actually consume.

Comprehensive Reporting for Effective Care

Providing effective nutrition counseling requires a solid and scientifically validated foundation for intervention. NutraScreen’s proprietary analytics engine coupled with the gold standard nutrient database ensures this foundation. Taking into account factors that make nutritional needs unique (e.g., age, gender, weight, physical activity) and the patient’s direct responses, a patient’s nutritional history is compared to established dietary guidelines and a dynamic nutritional profile including 140 nutrient and food components is produced. NutraScreen reports provide concrete and actionable recommendations for dietary change.

Various reports are available including patient focused tutorials with eye-catching visuals, along with comprehensive diagnostics geared for quick analysis. The easy to read reports highlight the specific foods and dietary behaviors that are most impacting key nutrient intake and where nutritional deficiencies are likely to exist. This enables education and meal planning focus on behaviors that require minimum change to produce maximum results.

The NutraScreen Advantage!

Specific, personalized, concrete and actionable recommendations for dietary change are the hallmarks of the NutraScreen approach. These recommendations result through a thought provoking, easy to use, scientifically validated process that captures a 90-day dietary history in as little as 20 minutes. This NutraScreen breakthrough enables you, for the first time, to affordably incorporate meaningful and personalized dietary recommendations within a comprehensive patient treatment plan, creating real added value for both you and the patient.

Enabling Practice Leadership

To start using NutraScreen please contact sales@viocare.com or call 609-497-4600 x10. Almost immediately you can begin seeing the benefits of prescribing NutraScreen.

  • Improves the quality of patient care by providing leading edge nutritional counseling via an affordable, efficient and scientifically validated methodology.
  • Increases valuable patient interaction and confidence via the nutritional counseling process, resulting in improved patient care and increased consultations and billings.
  • Enables you to be an innovative and leading practice that recognizes and has taken action to integrate personalized nutritional recommendations as a component of a patient’s comprehensive care plan.