Company Overview

Viocare, Inc. is a privately-held company dedicated to improving health and wellness, and is a premier supplier of software-based systems that support and empower lifestyle and behavior change based upon scientifically validated recommendations for improved nutrition.

Since 1993, the company has been working with leading research institutions, leveraging more than $10M in National Institutes of Health funded research, to bring the benefits of cutting edge knowledge in the nutrition and behavior change sciences to the development of breakthrough web and mobile solutions that serve the fast growing preventive care industry.

Viocare’s approach focuses on personalization solutions to drive improved outcomes for healthier lifestyles. Our scientifically-validated technologies are intended to provide healthcare providers with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently counsel patients on improvements in dietary behavior.

Viocare’s advantage derives from its reputation as a world class innovator of dietary assessment and behavioral change technology developed as a result of 19+ years of federally funded research activity. The company demonstrates unique nutritional sciences domain expertise coupled with a proven and tested ability to develop and deploy products that accurately and quickly assess dietary pattern and lifestyle, and generate recommendations for meaningful change.

Scientific Excellence and Viocare’s Approach

The importance of lifestyle and particularly nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is creating greater demand for tools that support personalized nutritional recommendations. Viocare is at the forefront of developing software solutions that are designed to help patients better understand and manage their health through nutrition-focused education and lifestyle changes. This approach empowers healthcare providers and patients, resulting in better clinical outcomes and quality of life improvement.

At Viocare, we work constantly with leading researchers and physicians to understand the impact of nutrition on disease and develop cutting edge methods to understand a patient’s dietary needs at an individual level.

We are founded on the idea that to impact the dramatic increases in chronic disease, it is necessary to take a new approach to treatment protocols that include personalized nutrition recommendations. Our methodology allows healthcare providers to understand and treat their patients on a very personal level, and for the first time cost effectively incorporate nutrition recommendations as an integral component of a preventative healthcare plan.