Improving Health Through Nutrition

NutraScreen is a state of the art online nutrition questionnaire that asks you about the foods you eat and delivers information to enable healthcare professionals to provide personalized nutritional recommendations to meet your health goals. NutraScreen was developed through National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research and uses a scientifically validated methodology. In about 20 minutes, NutraScreen captures a complete dietary history and performs a detailed analysis of your current dietary behavior.

Specific, personalized, concrete and actionable recommendations for change are the hallmarks of the NutraScreen approach. The NutraScreen breakthrough enables your healthcare professional, for the first time, to incorporate meaningful and very personalized dietary recommendations into your comprehensive care plan.

You don’t have to spend hours or days logging information and no time is wasted translating food history to nutritional values like calorie and fat. NutraScreen’s innovative methodology uses food image libraries and proprietary logic to ensure that you only spend time responding to questions about foods you actually eat.

  • Interactive and fun with over 1,200 vivid food images
  • Nothing to write or keep track of, simple one click answers
  • Only answer questions about foods you really eat
  • Take it anywhere on your own time – it’s on the web
  • Independently validated by a leading research university to be accurate and easy to use

Taking into account factors that make nutritional needs unique like your age and gender and your answers, NutraScreen compares your information to established dietary guidelines and produces your nutritional profile including 160 nutrient and food components. This profile is presented in easy to read reports that highlight the specific foods and dietary behaviors that are most impacting key nutrient intake and where nutritional deficiencies are likely to exist. This helps you and your healthcare provider to focus on changes you can make that require minimum change to produce maximum results.